Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ruby Slippers

I went outside with hook
 the new outside pillows

sat in the beautiful morning sunshine
hooked myself some
I actually started them
last night
while we watched
Masterpiece Classic
something or other.
Wasn't very good,
everyone seems to be very
out of place and character
in this series...
strange for Masterpiece.

I finished the second

I loaded the pics on Flickr
and as soon
as I had finished,
the very second,
I got an invitation
to put
the first one up on a site called

"joy,anger,sorrow and pleasure..all"

I have no idea why
this invitation was offered
because I can't even look at this guys
It's outside
my safe zone filter!!!!
What ever the hell that is!!!!

Oh, I hope my little ruby slippers
haven't found themselves in some
that has to have a
"safe zone filter"!!!

( I didn't accept the invite!!!)
and then I did!!!


Frualbertsson said...

Hello Marilyn
Thankyou for the pattern of the flowers, no problem to see.

Your slippers are really cute. By the way that person who invited you seems to be really odd???!!! hehe

have a nice day,


Anonymous said...

But you're on there, and it's a great site, with lots of ruby related pics as well as some great shots of everything!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Those slippers are absolutely adorable! I'm like you when it comes to new internet horizons -- I like to play it safe. I don't even order anything online. Just not my thing. Your yard and gardens are just gorgeous! Hope the weather is beautiful today. WE are hot, hot, hot! Best wishes to you, Tammy

{ Marigold } said...

oh i have such a thing for Ruby red slippers, and dorothy and toto too :) that is so funny about the flickr group - sometimes (as i have learnt the hard way) those groups will have some 'artsy fartsy' nude shots or whatnot, and that is they will fall outside the safe zone...but i am like you, i really would rather stay 'with the kittens' hehe. (love how cute that is that flickr). anyway, these are just adorable. when my crochet skills grow up, they will make these! love them!

Marilyn said...

Just want to let you know, I am not a prude....really I'm not.
I buy things on the internet...I like artsy fartsy photos, and I didn't know I had a "safe zone" on Flickr....guess I should do a little research there....nice of them to keep us all safe....?
I say, each to his own ......or her own!!!