Wednesday, June 23, 2010

gooses, pictchers and promisses!!!...

As you can see
the geese are back...
and so am I!!!
The geese have been absent from sight for quite a while
and I was getting worried about them
but they may have been on the other side
having their babies and staying out of the way.
This one is the Mama
I think
she stood on guard
and gave me dirty looks
as I hid behind the tree to take her picture!!!
Her "baby" is behind her.

When I saw the photos
this one prompted the thought
you know the expression
one gets goose bumps?
well I got
goose bums!!!

five of them!!!!
So happy to see you back
Now all feels right.
And you may have noticed
the photos are back too.
thank you geek squad
for the patience
it takes dealing with a twit.
I will pay attention next time


Frualbertsson said...

Hello Marilyn
Great that the geeks helped you haha

Those geese are pretty, but they mess something terrible!!!

Have a nice day,


Ruth Marie said...

Glad to hear you got yourself all fixed xx