Thursday, June 3, 2010

pc problems.. pop ups... pissed off partners and petrified pussy cats

Yes, we had another pop-up
this afternoon.
Just before that,
the computers crashed.
Both of them.
I got a blue screen
he got a black screen.
The cat ran under the bed
and wouldn't come out.
I picked up
a hook
my camera and
 went and watched the storm come through!!!

more humidity
just what we need
no we don't
the map below shows little circles
that means
and the colour in the above,
the strange green,
don't like to see that!!!

but they take real good care of us
so I didn't do any of these things
will sleep safe tonight!!!!



Frualbertsson said...

Mailyn, promise that you take care of yourself! Becouse of that I am not accustomed to such weather I get so worried. Why can´t you get beautiful summer weather instead?

And all of your flowers, and Whiskers? How will they all do??

I don´t know why I write this becouse you can´t read it, the tv said to keep away from computors didn´t it? hehe

Sit in the sofa and crochet all day long!


Kimbles said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog - entrelac! Thank You - I had no idea it was called that - will do some more research to make sure I am doing it correctly. Now that storm - looks terrifying to me - I am not that great with storms - when I was a little girl I would scream and my dear Dad would sit with me - he wasn't keen either, Mum and bro would stay sleeping. Fond memories