Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As the sun sets

in the West...
this evening
I wish you a good night
until the morrow
I leave you with these...



Anonymous said...

Mary, the pictures get more and more stunning. LOVE these light and shadow ones - so dramatic. I don't know any more which are my favourites, there are so many of them. Can you get some closer-ups of the baby geese, or zoom in on them so we can see their pudgy selves?

Marilyn said...

It is very difficult to get close to them, especially now with the babies, who aren't that small anymore....I did zoom in on them and you see the result...I am not going to disturb them or get charged by an angry mama!!

Anonymous said...

You're right. They'll probably be waddling up to you soon anyway. Or is that the ducks?