Monday, June 21, 2010


It's going to be a
this week.
It's going to feel
like 100
on Tuesday.
It's hot now
but it's getting
Just something
to keep you cool!



Frualbertsson said...

hello Marilyn
Please DON`T remind me of winter, It´s my first day of summervacation! :-)

have a nice hot day my friend!


MDScaper said...

I would take a mild winter day over a hot, humid summer day. I dislike air conditioning, preferring to have the windows open (but for the sake of peace in the household the a/c is on!).

manda's challenges :) said...

Iv'e practically baked today oh my word and i work on the deli where it's supposed to be cool haha i soon moan in the winter mind! my steering wheel was roasting hot thought i'd burn my hands driving home haha i'm ok and the cool snow has done the trick thank you! xx

Valerie said...

you're such a tease ! hahah !
mind you, the novel I'm taking with me when on vacation in Morocco is called " artic winter" !