Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Monsoon Season.....

Three afternoons in a row
we have had
bursts of torrential
It rains so hard
it sounds like
a thousand
rivers of water
gutters spilling over
flowers flattened
by the force
Did we move to India?

I do remember the rainy season
in Kenya
One year there were flash floods
in Nairobi
our parents got stuck
Daddy had to pick Mater up
and carry her to the car
we were watching the water
rush past
in the field
behind where we lived
It must have been something
for me to have a memory of it.
I don't like water.
I'm terrified of it.
The story was told that I nearly drowned
when I was a very small child
in Mombasa
That must be why!!!
I scream when I take a shower!!!!!

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