Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a good day...

well, so far it is.
Yesterday started it
I got a call from a friend who asked what was wrong with me
she knows me well and can just call and say
what's up and don't stop til you're done
and then actually stops and listens
and it helps coz we've been friends for so long I can bitch and complain
and it's OK
and then we laugh and solve the problems and it's over
and after that
all is well

(this is the heron that came for supper with the ducks
it was dusk
oh really is that why it's so well lit and clear and sharp?
and I knew if I went out it would fly so I didn't and snapped it from inside
which is why it's so well lit....de da de da de da)
and then I decided to go out anyway and see if I could sneak in closer
and we all know what happens when I do that
well I tried


and then
while trying to figure out how to do the tut for the knitting
but in good light so I don't have to edit the heck out of each shot
husband checked the mail and came in and said
it's for you
and I asked
as one does
what...from where

don't know
it's in French

said I

and he said yes, French
see the stamps...

oh ... it's a book
my school girl French helped me figure that one out

the only one I know in France is
she sent me a French knitting book maybe
well no what good would that be
such a twit am I
 hm mm
what could it be

so I ripped and tore
slowly and carefully opened the envelope
and inside was

but the British version    edition !!!!
how cosmopolitan are we
how fabulous is this
a Brit mag coming from France
across the big pond to the US!!!
to moi
Valerie says that I mentioned somewhere sometime that I have never seen a Brit one
I've been getting  the one here for years
so she up and sent me one
how sweet is that

and tied around it  was a
French felt heart
French string
:) :) :)
mon dieu that's cute

t'will hang here where I can see it
and that is one of her photos
she takes the most beautiful photos
and she has a
French Country Garden
the kind we all dream of having
with the old French House to go with it
(and all the problems too!!!!  :) :) :) )


good thing this isn't the truck that brought my yarn to me from Ruth!!!

won't find badgers and hedgehogs in the US one
not such cute ones anyway
and as for
Morris Dancers
don't think they'd be there either

I am such a spoiled brat
but I love it all
I sat with a cup of tea and strolled through the pages
and thought about all the
wonderful people I know
who send me things through the mail
just because
they have great big hearts and sweet souls

just like

merci beaucoup mon ami
I love it



T's Daily Treasures said...

Yea for happy mail! I have two friends here that I bitch to above everything and one that I write to by email -- I find the writing really helps me to sort things out and release whatever is bothering me. Enjoy the mag! Best wishes, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Lovely friends making you feel better! Mia S