Friday, November 11, 2011

one link today

Hello all
hope everyone is just dandy
and having a good day

I'm sending you to a link on Flickr
that belongs to my friend Mia
she posted something to die for and I want you to go and see it
and for those of you who can or need a quick cute something
there it is
if you can't knit and you have a baby
find someone who can and make them make these
your baby should be this

(yes I stole your photo)

there you will find the link to the pattern
and on that site you will find an English translation
if not just blow Mia's photo up and look at the examples she has in her photos
and while you are there
take a stroll through the photo stream
and spend a little time in
the Garden of England
and other lovelies she been to
thank you for the link
Mia mia

I'm off to find me a baby with bare feets




Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome to the photo! I hope your search for some chubby little piggy toes is successful! Mia Me x

Anonymous said...

.... or some little bare bunny feet!