Thursday, November 10, 2011


no I'm not quoting whats'ername Zoe...
if you even know who she is
and I am ashamed to say
 I do!!!!

when you don't eat the bananas because

this happens

:) :) :)

I love those little things

then you get to make some
to have with your tea because you are fed up with the horrid weather and it's given you a headache

 it is so miserable today I'm not even going to take a picture of it
the troops across the street have been bombing the hell out of each other all day long
the ground shakes
the air is rent with noise loud enough to wake the dead
and the house has moved at least an inch since yesterday

and speaking of yesterday
this is how it looked
and so full of colour


yellow and orange and some green

and most important of all


so with my tea my bread my headache and my last nerve I will go and weave in all the ends
that I didn't weave in as I went...why I don't know as I usually do but I was so excited that I had figured it all out I didn't want to stop so now I'm paying for it and while it isn't important in the slightest it's still annoying
as was this last sentence

see you all next time
and by the way
thank you all so much for the nice words about this latest obsession of mine
you are all very sweet

thank you!!!


PS...I wrote a tut for it
it's at the top of the page
vintage pillow