Monday, November 14, 2011

simply gorgeous today

today was the most beautiful day
weather wise
it reached into the mid 70's F
20's C
with a breeze and clouds and blue blue skies
a day to treasure and remember in the near future

the Japanese Maple is hanging on to its leaves
and I know that one day soon
I'll look out and see them all laying at it's feet
somehow it "drops" them all at once
very funny and kinda strange!!
but now it's just pretty with the sun on it

and again the sparkles came
lots of them and very very bright
blinding in fact!!
I love it when it does this as I have said many times before
there is something so magical about
the sun reflecting on the water
for that is all it is
but it's so much more!!!!

when it's that bright outside
it very dark inside
see the door is open and the breezes are blowing through

it just made everything so much better

the computer tells me it's still
73 F
5.27 pm and dark



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Anonymous said...

Such lovely pictures. and such pretty squares for sibol. Mia Appreciative!