Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a tiny bit of colour left

I found the last of the colour outside
the goose neck loose strife has turned
well, doesn't it always!!

same plant three different colours

such a lovely red
I may cut it and bring it inside and add it to the flowers
I've been trying to ignore all the horrible news about so many horrible things
so I started looking to find something pretty
and thank goodness I did

 the Japanese Maple dropped most of the leaves yesterday
and  after the rain and the wind today they will all be down I guess
it's raining it's humid and it's dark
it was so warm last night I kept a window open and it felt wonderful
but there is a front coming through so I think it will get cooler
but it was nice while it lasted

  and look what I found out there
the bulbs from last year that I completely forgot about and ignored all year long
have rooted and are growing again
one good thing about rain


so I scooped them up
re potted them
collected a bit of moss too
 before it hibernates


there we go

snowdrops for

wonder where the amaryllis'ss'ss  are
I'll  have to check



Valeria said...

aww how sweet ,love the leave colors
and i love to have plants like in pots around this time of year :)

allertadele said...


NillaK said...

Wow, I love that second picture! No color left outside up here...

Andi said...

The pics are wonderful. I especially enjoyed the japanese maple! I want one!