Monday, November 7, 2011

a slight hic cup

thought I would have the photos up this morning
and the tuts done
then we could move on to other things
a sneaky little shit
bit of
the husband called
Mal wear
sneakily snuck into my
thing that knows all
buggered the whole bloody thing up
just so you know
I picked this little
up from
OH I can hear you now
well let me just say
I know where I was when I got it
and all I have to say is be careful when you cross the border in the far far part of the globe
the part where the e address ends in
I read something the other day that said this part of the globe is causing a lot of trouble with all these bits of's just annoying  as all get out

it took hubby a long time to ferret the little bugger out
coz it disguised itself really really well
it comes in on
scare wear
which makes you think something is wrong
and in a panic you start pressing and clicking on things you shouldn't
this one
somehow gets in all by itself
I KNOW not to click anything
its called
Rogue: Win32 and it is a
Fake Rean
and it took all of
Microsoft's security forces to kick the little
 outta here

:) :) :) :)
all I know is it took SO
I was beginning to get
Internet withdrawal symptoms


just being overly dramatic
but it was bad and it was hard to find
be careful
it's just a pain in the
sit upon

be back later

bah humbug



Andi said...

Ugh, what a pain in the tush! Good thing Hubby knows his way around this things.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. How annoying. Glad you and the husband sorted it out. I had a fright after uploading to Flickr. Twice the laptop crashed. I haven't risked it since. Just upload when I manage to get to the public access computers at the library. I seem to be able to upload to Ravelry ok though. Mia S