Friday, November 4, 2011

a little different

I spent an awfully long time on
a certain site the other day
some of you will know what I mean
I have to break my very very bad habit
 it is addicting to just sit and scroll through all those bloody photos of all that lovely stuff
and get lost in it all
but one good thing did come of it
Madhu found a lovely recipe for a lovely cake
which made me get up and make it
almost immediately
I will link the recipe for you
so you too can make it
and thank my addiction to a certain site

as all the leaves have just about fallen off the trees and there really isn't any pretty to shoot

I give you
inside the kitchen

and for those up over the Northern Border
this is all made with organic whole food
so he can have a piece
which he already did
so all is good!!!

take a stick of butter
 or 1/2 c
(or whatever that is in cc mm and Kg!!!!)
3/4c sugar
I use organic sugar which is why it doesn't look white
beat it to a pulp!!!

separate 3 eggs
(and no don't put two on one side of the room and the other one in the corner!!!
remember that joke? no? oh well......  sound of crickets!!!)
add the yolks to the butter mixture and beat together with 2 tsp vanilla and 1/4 c of yogurt

whip the whites until stiff

sift 1 1/2 c flour and 1 tsp baking soda
and mix into the butter egg mixture
mix it well
now fold in the beaten egg whites
in two parts and fold until it's all one colour

take two apples

make them naked

as I used to tell my friend who didn't speak English so well
and didn't understand

:) :) :)

slice them thinly and mix into the batter
put  the batter into a
9" spring form pan that has been buttered and floured
level it
add cranberries mixed with some sugar
or as I did blueberries
on top
cook in a 350F oven for
50 -60 mins


sprinkle with some icing sugar
I did do that
but I didn't, for some unknown reason,
take a picture of
here is the original recipe that was linked to

mine has the twist that was on

even tho' I used blueberries and not the cranberries
 because the twits at the grocery store had  put the cranberries right under one of those water jets they use to make the veggies all soggy and shiny
and the berries were rotting there in their bags

so I had some frozen blueberries that I had forgotten about in the freezer

that's two places for you to go and if you have the time and inclination
make the cake for the weekend and the family will love you lots
and now for those of you who have been wanting to make one of those
round  pillows that have differently coloured segments
like an orange on LSD!!!
not that I know what that is
and wondered how on earth they are made
I have found out and I will show you
along with the
double knitting that I didn't get up yet
but I will
today sometime
so this weekend you can sit down
eat cake and make a very very retro
high on something weird
that will make your couch look like your great grandma came to visit
and left you a treasure!!

hope your skies are blue
or it rains, if that's what you want
so you can sit infront of a roaring fire and
sip tea
eat cake
knit a

.....................................................ciao for now.....................................................



sophie...^5 said...

OK...I want to eat this I am going to go and do that...I have blueberries in the freezer...yeah!

Madhu said...

You darling you! You have been baking and that sure looks delicious! I have yet to try....will do ...this weekend, cannot wait :-)
Our skies are blue one minute and then dark the next and it rains for ten minutes and then the sun shines so bright. We cannot have a roaring fire as we am in the tropics but sipping tea and eating cake goes on in any weather! Now, all I have to do is learn how to knit a treasure! :-) Have a cozy day, Marilyn xx

Anonymous said...

The cake looks simply divine! I shall certainly have a go at baking one of those little lovelies.

I have to say I absolutely love to read baking or cookery posts from across the pond - mainly because I love to look at the photos of American ingredients and see what sort of things you can use as it's seems to be such a wide variety. I love the flour wrapper with King Arthur on - that's fantastic! I could spend an eternity in American supermarkets just looking at all the lovely labels and packets, packages, bottles and tins - I guess what Pinterest is for a lot of people in how mesmerising it is is how American supermarkets are for me. I really could spend HOURS in them just looking at things. There is a US food site here in the UK (v. expensive too) and I seem to spend an awful lot of time on there looking at all the foodstuffs - we all have our little quirks ;)

Have a lovely weekend M x

T's Daily Treasures said...

I find enough inspiration right here in blogland so won't be joining Pinterest. I found two blogs today that I spent a lot of time reading through and even wrote down a few recipes and tried one right away just as you did. One of them involves apples but won't try it until next week. We will be travelling early Sunday morning so won't be around until next weekend. Until then, hope your days are great. Tammy

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

This looks so delishious. I haven't baked a cake from scratch in ages. Your so tempting me!

mary tempesta said...

Ciao Marilyn!
Ciao is a funny word because it means both hello and goodbye.
I love your blog funny lady!