Friday, November 18, 2011

yup it's that day again...

wonder why I notice
Friday's so much
it isn't like it's any different from any other day around here
it just seems to be "more" some how
hm mmm

one more week gone
another month almost over
tick tick tick
remember when time seemed to stand still
and  your mother told you to wait half an hour
it felt like

 this post is probably going to feel endless
crammed with photos
I noticed today that my
Jewel Orchid is blooming
something I thought it wouldn't be doing again
it didn't last year and it's in even worse shape this year

it has velvety leaves and it's grown too leggy
so I'll have to do something about that

but it will have flowers for
the next few weeks
so I'll wait until they are over

I've put it in the living room so we can see it
I usually have it in a dark corner of our room
were it likes to be and it tends to get ignored
which it also seems to like!!

although i got these a couple of days ago

so these are the Friday Flowers

I got a new magazine yesterday
from the TV Network
it isn't anything special
so I don't think I'll keep getting it
I watch the shows there once in a while
so there's no need to see it all on paper
the knitting you see there
is from seeing one of the designers wear the most wonderful
scarf I've seen in a long time and I can't wait to find some really really chunky wool
really chunky
it was just knitted in a long scarf and it looked fab
chunky yarn  big needles
plain stockinette stitch
now that down there isn't chunky or plain stockinette I know
but I just wondered what one cable would look like
so I did

I have to knit or hook at night while watching the idiot box
I have tried not doing it
and it doesn't work
I get restless and lose interest in whatever the heck it is we are watching
lie down and fall asleep...
but if I knit
 it's all good!!!!!

hm mmm

knowing I had nothing
for you today
I thought I'd show you bits and bobs around the room
well... OK
one bit and one bob!!!!
this is one I made I don't know when
it's a styrofoam ball covered in sewing thread
and then embroidered with silk ribbons
one of my many stages

I found it in the bottomles pit
that is the
again why have it if it isn't seen?


don't have anywhere to go this week
I haven't been bloghopping much so I don't know what's out there
but I did see something the other night while channel surfing that has stayed with me all week
mostly because I went to youtube and found the video!!!!  :):):):)
on the show called
I don't watch it but I do know about it
anyway I caught the tail end of the show

I thought it was so clever and so well done
they sure can sing that lot