Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I took you along

Mia posted some photos she took the other day of a ride she went on
so I thought I would do the same
it's really boring but
it's what I did!!!!!
this is the road often travelled
for a very very
long time

this is where it turns into a four lane hiway and what passes for civilization around here starts
but the clouds are pretty

and yes it's true
there is a MickeyD's on every corner in America
this is ours

and this is an old old abandoned house falling down and very sad
so they can build this
ugliness that stands as empty as that house
but once that house had a life and a family

this never will
it has been empty from the first day they finished building it
behind it stands an office building and across the street is another office building
but these are empty stores
empty for years
but they just had to build them coz they tore all the trees down

this is also what they cleared the trees away for

little boxes little boxes little boxes
made of ticky tacky....
little boxes...and they're all just the same
over priced and so badly built...

but we still live closer to the open fields and woods

and at a certain point along this well travelled road
it turns back into

yes another falling down building that used to be a Post Office and very old PO
that has stood for many many years
but they don't care....
more  almost million dollar houses are in the plans to be built in the woods
that will stand empty just like the other ones a little further up
 million dollar houses


Valeria said...

i like the old houses better :/ think its sad that peoble dont care about the old things anymore ,they have historie and a charm to them and one day there wont be any left .

miss talking to you my friend

love Svana

T's Daily Treasures said...

Thanks for taking us along your highways and biways. Such a shame that builders keep clearing the land and building things with little character and no purpose. There are enough buildings out there that could be refurbished. And why do we always need more, more, more? I will never understand cookie cutter houses that cost an arm and a leg. A small house, just big enough for your family, to provide shelter and comfort, is all any of us really needs. Have a great day. Tammy

Anonymous said...

Not boring at all! It was interesting to see your journey. It looked very similar to mine, except that everything looks bigger. My Mum flew over to the States a few times and said everything looks bigger - even the sky. The clouds are fantastic, and what a lovely house and P.O. What a shame. What a contrast with the empty offices and the new estate. Thanks for the ride!

MDScaper said...

M, I feel the same way as you. I look at the abandoned homes and I wonder who might have lived in them and what a pity that it won't be long before they fall either on their own or with the help of some heavy equipment. I remind myself that this is suppose to be progress. I am not so sure if progress is such a good thing.