Saturday, November 12, 2011

no bare feet...

to be found
except these
bare Bunnie feet's

so with trusty bunnies at hand
we followed the pattern

and a little while later

while watching the last
Harry Potter and the whatever it was this time

we had ourselves 

  some of these
and if you think your life ain't complete
sit at your desk with a bunny under your chin while you take a
"down" shot of it's feet
that'll tell you
you need a life!!!!

so sarcasm aside
fu fu now has some cute tiny slippers to wear while she sits in her cubicle with all the others

I used the same small needles that I used to make her clothes
what size they are I don't know because I pitched the cover away
but they are small so somehow the first attempt at making these things
worked out
for a
knitted Bunnie
I think the pattern on the site they come from says what size needles to use
I'm tempted to see if I can make a big size
with bigger needles of course
hmmm...I still have all that cotton left
where's that measuring tape


Andi said...

That is funny because I am having a HP fest weekend. I am knitting and watching all the HPs in order!
Love fu fu's new little slippers. Now if only we can get your to wear socks!

Anonymous said...

Ah, they look perfect on the bunnies! Oh dear, my lot are all going to want them now!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Your new header photo is great! I see you changed up your blog layout too. Looks good. And Fufu's new slippers are absolutely adorable. Cute, cute, cute! Enjoy the rest of your day. Tammy

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Gorgeous best dressed bunny in town :D

federica said...

They're lovely!
Bonne soiree :)

Anonymous said...

Have to agree the photo of the tree is just gorgeous. Nice to see FuFu again... she has her pretty blue sweater and now pretty blue slippers. You know the rabbits is what got me into knitting. You and Mia!!!