Tuesday, November 22, 2011

colourful orbs..

trying to make something else
 I ended up with this

made with cotton and a g hook

made two and joined them in the middle
over a Styrofoam ball

12 dc (US) in a loop
sc ch 1 around
 for 2 rows 
then 2 sc  ch 1  in each space around
make two pieces
 place around a Styrofoam ball
stitch...crochet.... glue
the two pieces together and voila
you have a ball to do with as you wish
if you have little kids and animals you could place a bunch on the bottom of the tree so nothing gets broken...or the kids and kitties could play with them in the house...
whatever you wish!!!
this can be found on
 is its name
it's quick and easy and even a beginner can do it
if you can knit and purl and can slip a stitch and pass it over, then you can make this
two needles some cotton and you have a new cloth for the
it takes about half a ball, maybe a bit more, of the lily cotton so it's a good stash buster....

it's raining and it's foggy and miserable
it's even a bit cold
so I'm into anything that stops me from looking outside
the lake is covered in fog
but the ducks and geese look happy
hope you are too
not all the other
see ya