Sunday, November 27, 2011

look at this!!!

I had nothing til I saw this
go see Svana and the kids
what a wonderful post
so sweet and just as it should be

the weather here is a bit weird and wonderful
sunny warm and windy
a great day to go and do something
but didn't
oh well
I just read on someones blog that there is a hurricane type storm in Europe
stay safe all and I hope it passes without incident


Teresa said...

I know just what you mean about weird weather: my hyacinths are budding out and seem to want to bloom and so are my hydrangea! How odd is that?!
Last week we had very heavy rains and floods all over (including my little hometown) but now it's nice and sunny and warm though the trees are all turning leafless. So far I've heard nothing of hurricanes around here, hopefully it will ignore our little corner of the world as we're at the southwestern tip of Europe ;))
Svana's family is really a heartwarming bunch, isn't it? :)

Valeria said...

Aww thanks for the link to my blogg
we really did have a wonderful day ,baking and listening to xmas music,this is what i love about this time of year .
We had crazy weather here yesterday ,i was sad to see the news here ,two men where sweapt to sea ,the sea was so crazy and the waves where just all over ,but its gone down now thanks God,i still warm and to my suprise i found a cherry tree last weekend with 2 new blooms on !!