Sunday, November 6, 2011

if you knit a straight line you get a circle....



everyone good this day
hope so
we have bright blue skies
orange leaves
lovely breezes
but I'm inside at the moment
so you'll have to take my word for it!!!


wait a minute

oh look there are falling leaves too!!!

the gooseneck loosestrife
pretty in red

 now you can see too!!!
it isn't the best year we've ever had but it's not bad
considering the weather we had this year
it's the day we turned the clocks back
so it all feels a little out of sync
not really
the only time I feel it is at night
so I just go to sleep and wake up
when ever the mood strikes me
what's an hour for goodness sake
if it were
three or four
but one
as you can see a lot of the leaves are already down
and it's lovely to walk through them and
it's a sound of the season

and tonight it will hit just how deep into Autumn we are already
it's two and a half weeks to
thanksgiving here
that's scary
after that it's all a mad dash to
and then the
new year and then
it all starts again
we're consistent if we're anything aren't we
one after the other
season after season
and this year
the ads for Christmas
started on
Halloween night
they aren't waiting for the night after turkey day this year
got to get the masses out there
shelves picked clean by the end of the month
so they can bring in next year's crap


we're all going to
our gifts this year
aren't we

I still haven't put the tuts up
I am working on them if anyone cares
especially the new love I found
the round cushion that harks back to
the '40's or '50's I think
the round cushions done in segments

or so I thought
until I saw a close up of one somewhere
and it dawned on me how it's done
and to quote a designer I saw this morning on
a knit and hook show!!! :) :) :)

the more I knit... the more I can
and the more I crochet... the more I can

(actually I think that's true for anything)...

it makes sense now when I look at something
and  can see the
and when that happens
so i'll post what I have and hope you want to too
if not
that's ok too
maybe next time!!!


just a peek

:) :)