Monday, October 31, 2011

no boos here......

we don't
Halloween here
always hated it
of course when the kids were little
lots of inventive costumes
pirates were the most favoured and the easiest
lots of candy lots of screaming and running around
tricking and treating around the neighbourhood
on foot or mostly in the back of someones truck
with me at the wheel driving at 2 mph
when they got older it was
3 mph so they could run and jump on
really safe and sound
but hey
it was Halloween
so you did dumb stuff
the last one I remember was when son #1 dressed up in a dress of mine
asked me to make him up
style his hair
oh and did I have some girly shoes he could borrow
after that
it's all a blank!!!!!!
he is a handsome man
he was a beautiful child
a cute woman he
so anyway
tonight the lights will be dimmed and the drapes drawn early
and even if someone comes
which they haven't done for ages
we will not
" be at home"
 hu hummmmm!!!!

Teresa asked me to show how to do the
double knitting I mentioned
so I will post that later
I started doing it this morning

and got into a right old silly mood
as a second

hootie cutie came into being

oh my so many pretty eyes....

silly we can do
in spades

peek a boo...
I see you....

me too...


Papa can you hear us?????

OK I'll get myself together and be back with some sanity
need to do a lot of editing with the photos as the light is
there is no light....
so I'll see you later maybe