Saturday, October 29, 2011

a treasure in the mail...

hooray and up she rises...

it has arrived
the yarn I bought from
on the most horrible of
 horriblest days
dark and dank
and cold and wet
and drippy and just
so depressing
a little bit of yarny goodness found its way to me
through all that cold and wet
it popped into the box
and husband
brought it into me
with a flourish
well for him it was a flourish!!!

as soon as it landed on the couch beside me
"air mailed" across the room
(we need to invent a" eyes to heaven" little icony thing)
the envelop was torn asunder
and the contents were revealed

no thank you Ruth for taking that step into the wonderful world of dying and spinning
but you are most welcome m'dear

a little business card
in case I forget where I got my treasure!!!
and a way for you to go see what's left!!!

it has a name
stormy seas
that's very appropriate today!!

LOOK at it
LOOK at all those colours
it is of course so much better in reality
it's soft and tightly spun which makes it feel squishy somehow
can't wait to get hubby on the other end of the

and a little extra
a stitch marker
on a cute gingham ribbon
so sweet
I think I have a bead very like this one
maybe I'll make another
so I'm happy
first that it made it
and then that is made it so quickly
and that it is just so
I'll have to sit and think what to do
see if there is anything hiding somewhere that will shout
over here
make me...
if it does
i'll have someone give you the address of the loony bin

well, off to start the dinner on the most horrible of horrible days
that suddenly became
very very
nice day in deed