Saturday, October 22, 2011

love it...

when I open up the
in the morning and laugh right away
it's the best way to start the day
Ruth said she gave blogger the English salute
you know the backwards peace sign!!!!
for now
about changing over to the new interface
but we'll all have to in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd do it now to get used to it
why can't they just leave things alone
new isn't always better
and Lisa said she's found a new swear word
from the verification word
sounds good to me!!!
and Mia I know my a-nnony-mouses
you each have a certain way about you!!!

the temperature this morning was almost frosty
it was
37 F
hang on I'll get the C chart out
2.7 C  :)
there was a mist on the lake
but by the time I made coffee and got dressed
you know it
it was gone
I don't have any pictures of pretty autumnal things
except some apples


I cooked them
the other day
into a yummy yummy
"apple roll"
can't call it strudel coz it really isn't but it's what we call it

I have another question
why do the apples we buy come from New York
when we grow apples here in Virginia

anyway they were delicious and I love that golden raisin the most
if you want the recipe this is what I measurements sorry
peel some apples...I did four and a couple of pears that were going orfff!!!!
throw some sugar on them
squeeze a little juice on them to stop the browning...
put the lemon and limes on the new little leaf plate you bought for
 a buck ninety nine!!!

if you like it... cinnamon too... and some golden raisins
I use one of those wonderful sheets of puff pastry you can buy
stretch it a little
lay it on parchment paper on a pan

do that the other way around     lay it first then stretch!!!!!

put the apples on the sheet down the middle
fold the pastry up and over the apples
brush with a beaten egg
sprinkle with a little more sugar
and bake in the oven
mine said 400F
until it's cooked and brown and yummy

boil the new pretty mustard yellow kettle...that matches the paint on the wall in the kitchen exactly which is why it was bought in the first place
and make yourself a cuppa and have a little slice of
it's not strudel but who cares it's good
a dollop of cream would be nice but we don't have any


take the cuppa
and finish what you started with that silly
make a big honking flower for it


die of embarrassment at the lousy job of stuffing you did
and call it a day

when you see the real ones you'll know what of  I  speak!!!

I still have to find something to stick in the top of it and there is no way this will hold a necklace
maybe if I stuff it some more but I doubt it!!!

 can't all be masterpieces

hope you are all well and having a great weekend
take care all