Monday, October 24, 2011

ha to a flying start foot..

the strange title is because I was in the new version
and I tried to post from there (?) but the page wouldn't load properly
so I had to come back over to the
old side
so much for the
new is better
oh well it'll get sorted I'm sure
one day
I don't have much of anything really
but I said I would try to keep up the posts
 you lucky buggers!!!


we took the stuff to the charity shop
well to be  completely accurate
to the trailer they have parked in a parking lot near the grocery store
so I didn't even have the choice of
NOT going in to buy something
hmm  do you think there was thought behind that move!!!???

and I feel like I'm missing some...thing
I already had to stop myself from going to get something
 that will keep happening until I forget what it was I had stashed away in the dark corner of the
why do we call them that
 it's a cupboard
a cabinet
that thing in the bedroom with all of
mum's stuff in it
not anymore
but ...
 you know!!
so not having things to move around and find a place for anymore
I did a couple of crafty things
I found some old candles in the
thing in the bedroom were all the stuff used to be
and I spied some pretty napkins
paper ones
off I went to find the
mod podge
somewhere else that could use a trip to the dump!!!
and after a bit of
rip rip rip

snip snip snip

podge podge podge

 a few sticky minutes later
I had myself some new candles
haven't done that in ages
so I'll put them somewhere and admire

of it all
so what to do now
well you didn't go surfing much today
lets go see what the others are up to

how about miss ruth
let's go see what she's done

uh oh
I spy blue and purple and black and I think it's that one that I liked a LOT when she dyed it

lust after
click a few buttons

hey husband come and see what Ruth made with her clever hands

did you get it
says husband

yes I did
say I

as I hit
submit order

it's already winging its way to me
via the Royal Mail and soon the USPS
hee hee
and the sound of hands rubbing together
I have a little bit of the

and I couldn't be happier
so to make you happy
I took this from Ruths' site too
as she says




Anonymous said...

Thank you again M - you are a treasure :) I do appreciate your little "shout outs" a lot.

I do so hope you like your little bit o'butterfly bush - any problems and just holler won't you and I'll sort out whatever it is for you. Your yarn is hopefully winging its' way to you as we speak as I dropped it off at the Post Office this morning first thing!

Do you know what would be perfection? Mr Wolverine in just a pair of knitted socks fnar fnar!!

I'm loving your little decoupatch candles - that's one thing I haven't actually had a go at and I would like to have a little dabble methinks as it looks good fun. Does the modge podge burn OK?

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, I shall dream of Hugh as I head to bed now. Ha! I was just telling a friend today that I don't often come across anyone who I actually find really, really attractive, except for possibly Hugh Jackman, and here he is. :)

I tried out the new blogger editor and didn't like the new features at all. I really wish they would just leave well enough alone.

Love your decoupaged candles. And that apple strudel sounds divine. Hope you are having a good day. You are my last visit -- only had time for a few. I'm pooped. Goodnite! Tammy P.S. I said a few curse words this morning on the drive to school. Sure wish these people would learn how to drive. My almost 13 year old was tsk-tsk-tsking me all the way :/

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Ohhhhh mYYYYYY! Some oh yummy yarn to play and make into something you love! She has wonderful colors too. Thanks for the link to her shop. I'll have to give her a ring when I'm in need. Your blog brightens my day always. My password to post is "mooff"...LoL Thinking that when I saw the man photo! Lovin the candles!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn. Can take or leave the man! Anonymouse