Monday, October 17, 2011

out with the old...

and no more new
for a while
decided today to open up my armoire
and clean it out of all the things that have  been sitting there for over a year and nobody has seen them
including me
if you haven't used it, needed it, wanted it or seen it
get rid of it
isn't that how the saying goes
so it's all packed up and ready to go to the charity shop
sometime soon
nothing sentimental or valuable
picked up here and there and everywhere
now I  have room to re arrange a bit
and maybe I'll find more but I don't think so as this is the last of two huge throwouts
all that is left is what is wanted

here is something you haven't seen in a while
the lake
and it has diamonds on it again
the weather has been horrible of late and there has been no light
or sun or sparkles or brightness
of any kind
but there they are
back again
lighting the whole world up

and that little tree is at it again
the colour is starting and it's always so pretty in the late afternoon sun
we've had a lot of rain lately so the lake is nice and full
and most evenings just as the sun is setting
gaggles of geese fly in to spend the night
it's so wonderful to see them and know they will have a place to rest
we are so lucky

now to some hilarity
have you made any of these yet?
you know
grandma's pot holders
I found the pattern for them and made one
used all the colours I had in the stash
but I'm  not showing that one for now!!!
the folding bit at the end was a bit confusing but I finally figured it out
I just had to crab stitch around the edge
you know me and the crab stitch!!!

I find these things hilarious and ugly
but ugly in the way that you have to make one
or three!!!