Friday, October 14, 2011

12 days later...

do you remember me?
I've been gone a while
because things outside the
got a little real and I had to pay attention
if you know what I mean

since I saw you all
Autumn has landed...
on the kitchen table  :)

we've had a
with a cake and everything!!!
thank you to those who wished me well
but I'm not doing birthdays anymore

it's that time of the year when you have to put the lights on inside
even when it's still daylight outside
and while we look at this
please admire the new rug we got!!!!!
and ignore the mess on the coffee table
and the couch...
thank you!!!

been making a bit of this and that
a couple of things for gifts for some of the nice people I know

still love those little bobbles...

and if all goes well
maybe something for one of you!!!

this is the card my sister sent me
it looks just like me...
I'm bigger older greyer
I don't wear lipstick and I don't have a pair
of those sexy polka dottie red glasses
that... I think I can do!!!

hope you are all well
I have kept up with some of your goings on
and I hope to be back a little more often
it depends on how things go outside the
and how many nerves I have left at the end of the day
or whenever I plan on posting!!!!!

have a great weekend everybody



Anonymous said...


I had no idea it was your birthday and now I feel like a louse for forgetting to send you birthday greetings.:(

Happy belated birthday M - it sounds so very lame after the event but the sincerity is there.

I'm sorry again xx

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday. I tried to forget mine last month but a few ladies reminded me. Darn! Have missed you Marilyn. You and Mia sure got me into knitting. Love it!!! Weather turning cooler. Have a great weekend. Cathy

Anonymous said...

Now that card of the cute girl with the polka dottie shades can't be found just ANYwhere ... she's been sitting on a shelf of an old store in a funny little town called Cumberland, West Virginia, since 1950.... waiting for me to find her, just for YOU!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy birthday Marilyn! That card is precious. What do you mean you don't do birthdays? My boss said the same thing, but this year, he was remembered like never before. I maintain the staff database so I know everyone's birthday and I am doing it up right this year. :) The one day to celebrate YOU! My gift to you is big hugs and many blessings. I like how when you visit me you are known as "the other Marilyn" -- HA! Love your living room -- you are definitely eclectic like me -- a bit of this and a bit of that and a mess here or there. I really need to do some cleaning today. Hope you have a great weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

mary tempesta said...

Happy birthday wishes also from me ...
Glad to see the sun is shining again inside the roomonthleft!

Anonymous said...

♥♥♥♥♥ Love the room, love the rug, love wooly bits, the view, the pictures, the comments and LOVE the card ♥♥♥♥♥ Mia S

Teresa said...

Happy birthday, Marilyn! We have a saying here, you shouldn't say happy birthday before the date (it's bad luc) but you can always time do it a few days later... as long as it's withing reasonable lol (this part is mine)
I'm quitting my birthdays too. I mean, I just don't want to know how many they are ;) there are too many candles already! But I do love the celebration and being with my loved ones :)
You're a bit like me--I do love a bit of things out of place, especially if they're wooly-yarny things. A house too orderly and tidy reminds me a museum and makes me feel uncomfortable. Your living room is just perfect! :)
What are you making now? Can we know?

NillaK said...

Haha, I wouldn't even have noticed the so called mess if you hadn't mentioned it! Not that I would call it a mess. :) Nice rug, and nice room! And so nice to hear from you again!! Have really missed you and waited for you to post something, anything! And happy birthday, nothing wrong with appreciating all the years we get with our loved ones. Hugs!

Allyson said...

Happy belated birthday!

I was wondering where you'd vanished to. Your crochet looks gorgeous. I particularly like the mix of soft colours in one of hte earlier photos. Beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed your day, even if you're not celebrating the number!

Madhu said...

Total admiration for the new rug!! What a lovely living room and yes I do see that you have been busy. I so love to see real homes where real people live. Ah! Yes a peek at that delicious cake too :-)
I just have to tell you Marilyn, that I find it all so amazing that when I was baking the lemon pound cake I was thinking about you and your birthday and I find out later that it is your all time favourite cake! It most definitely would have made it to your doorstep had you been a neighbour!! xx

un-arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo said...

NOT FAIR ! i had not idea either it was your birthday...
but i hope you still had a great time on your anniversaire, even though you're not so keen on blowing candles & all the birthday stuff.

i have a hate relationship with the wheel of time, so i'm not big on my special day & neither is my husband.

I'm with Madhu and love the rug (if only I was not allergic to dust...) and so cool to see these couches that are maybe where you spend some of your crocheting time ?!

hugs & kisses to you x