Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a change is as good...

as throwing your hands up and just giving in

it's raining
I can hear it hitting the fallen leaves
which are all over
they haven't been picked up yet
they may not be this year
the one who does it
isn't able to
husband is having a bit of a hard time right now
he isn't ill or sick or on his last breath
or anything like that
 it's just hard for him to get around and do what he usually does

he usually goes out every five minutes and picks up the leaves as they fall
or so it seems
he's very neat and tidy
and very
persnickety when it comes to doing things
that's part of what's wrong
we won't go there now

as I listen to the rain fall gently for now
which  apparently it won't for long
because the lady on the radio keeps telling me
there is going to be
a big storm later on today
high winds tornados and heavy downpours

I thought I would give the yarn and needles of both kinds a rest for a while
I tried six different things yesterday and literally ended up
throwing the needles yarn and everything across the room
which made husband think I had lost it
which I actually had

so today
I went to the other list of things to do

I feel the need to sew
so I'm sewing


I was wandering through Pinterest the other morning and came across a picture that lead me
to one thing that lead me to another
and so forth and sew on
I ended up on a page with a video and a free pattern
so I grabbed them and
here they are

it's for a mannequin
a pin cushion
but it's huge
so I thought I would maybe hang a necklace off it
or pin a bracelet on it
it's cute and hopefully easy and there's a video to watch while I make it
it sits atop a candle stick
of which I have many
if I didn't give them ALL away
so before all hell breaks loose outside
and the prediction of the whiney woman on the radio comes true
I will bid you all
a good afternoon

did you hear about the zoo animals roaming around the countryside
in the State of Ohio
it was literally
lions and tigers and bears...
OH MY!!!
they shot most of them
and there are a few camels still roaming around
poor things
I hope they find them a good home
and don't shoot any more
it's weird what you hear when you aren't listening


oh and another thing
for those of you on

can you tell who's pinning when you go to the page where you can see it all?
I can now
I know when Kate (the garden bell) has been there
the page lights up with all that colour of hers!!!  :)

and when Elaine (La belle helene) has been busy
it's all wonderful design and interesting arty things and funny things written
and Madhu
yummies and cuteness and beautiful interiors and lots of lovely colour too
and Valerie
hers are all serene and calm and so so French!!! :)xxx

the others I follow I don't really know 
but I recognise their pins
it's neat and it shows who we are somehow
I of course am all over the place and nothing makes any sense at all
I like it all
or as a Libra
the opposites attract
just thought it was interesting

see ya