Friday, October 28, 2011


it's gone again
another week
amazing how fast it flies
even when you're not particularly having any fun!!!!!
when I realised it was Friday again
I wondered what the heck I would post
it's been a few days
so I just checked
my camera
to see what was there
and this is what I found
(I have no memory of taking these!!!)
so this is what you get to look at
strange but true

I obviously baked another cake
and took shots of the rack as it cooled

I am having a love affair with carrot cake at the moment
it's just so
for some unknown reason
and loaded with pineapple and golden raisins and walnuts
I'm in bliss

then I came across these



know why!!!!

do do do do

we'll have these for our
Friday flowers I think

they are in my mothers very old and worn silver vases
at least I think that's what they are
I brought them out of the thing in with all the stuff in it
 and put them to use

and a change around in the bay window
it's getting so dark so early now
or it seems to be
maybe it's all the friggin' clouds around these days
that I thought a little
multi coloured
candle light might help
cheer the place up a bit

it did!!!!

and this are the roses I got in June
they dried and I kept them and here they still are

well the kettle that matches the kitchen walls
 is boiling again
and that cake is still around
a tiny bit smaller now
but still good
so after another fascinating post
I will bid you farewell
good evening

maybe tomorrow I'll send you off on a visit somewhere
stay safe and warm
we are supposed to get some snow showers tomorrow
yes I said


I still think someone moved us some place else while we slept
with all this nutso weather

see ya


ooppss I forgot
I have some cute for you
and all I have to say