Saturday, October 1, 2011

light is a feather...

I wasn't planning on posting today
but this happened
 so I thought I would share with you
a surprise in the mail
a kindness
a thought
a treasure

once again I'm blown away by how lucky I am to have
bumped into the people I have
 from having a blog and from
spending time on Flickr

there are still people out there who don't believe
 that the Internet is a place to meet real people
that the "friendships" aren't real
well I'm here to tell them they are soooo wrong

in the heartbreak of this past week
I have received e-mails from some who have been so kind and understanding
we have all gone through it and it's nice to share that pain with someone
as odd as that sounds
pets are such odd things that we do to ourselves
we love them as much as we love a human
we have them as long as some humans
and then that day comes when we have to make that decision...
and all that love and friendship comes to an abrupt halt
and we just have to adjust and go on
it's real pain and real loss
and some understand

Kim sent me something that is a treasure
for more than one reason
first she sent it
she took the time to share something with me that she knew would mean the world
to me

this is
Mama Swan
she lives on the lake near Kim
and she lost all her babies this year
all of them
and Kim was there
and she witnessed it
and lived it
and lost it
and we cried and shared the pain
on Flickr
not just me and Kim
but a lot of other people from all over the world
who watched and shared the joy of the babies
and then the pain and horror as each one was lost
and Kim's words
 and photos
her beautiful beautiful photos
of the swans
and all the others
and she never gave in to the grief
she always said that her heart would always be open for joy to find its way back in
and the babies kept finding her and she kept her heart open for them and now we have new faces to smile at
and watch get bigger as the photos come in

and the grief of the
Mama Swan
she comes to Kim when she goes down to the lake to feed the birds
they spend time together and we get to see this fantastic creature up close
it is just amazing and fabulous 

 now I have one of the
and a photo of the
Mama Swan
that Kim took and printed and sent
so much better than looking at in on the monitor

it made me cry
but from
the kindness
and the caring
and the simple act of
sharing a moment
no matter how sad
and in the sadness comes the light that shines from friendship
when the pain subsides enough to see again

one of you told me it would take two weeks
and it has

thank you Kim
I will frame the photo
and will do it justice
right now I can't see too much
I will treasure all of this