Thursday, July 28, 2011

sun bags

So last time we met

I was on the search for an answer to the
mystery package
 how it got here

who sent it
why were there two names
does the queen really think Kate's dress is horrid?!!

I have it on good authority
that it was sent
it was a conspiracy
an attempt to pull the wool
to surprise
to confound
to pull one over
it was sent as an award
for the nothingness of this blog
from one without a blog
but who should have a blog
one who likes the nothingness
and decided to reward me for it
who am I to deny her
if she had asked for my address
 I would have
figured out
been aware
that she was sending me something
so she asked the one who has all
the one who holds all the addresses on the planet
our Queen of the Blankets
of SIBOL fame

you get the drift
thank you both

somehow the package was sent from
the South to the North and then
from there
it flew West
I have no idea if it went East anywhere
but it is a very well travelled package
one could say

We ate the penguin cookies after dinner
with a cuppa
and enjoyed them very much
I liked them better than the
Tim Tams
not as sweet
I will have to see if I can find them here

please sir
may I have another

the husband read the cover from front to back
they have little jokes on them!!
and then when he had licked the last of the chocolate off
he pronounced them tasty
:)    :(

 so now to the
sun bags

 the Mister had to go and get a piece to fix the fan in our room
it quit
stopped working
give up
stopped spinning
can't rotate anymore

and as I am one who likes to feel the breezes at night
he went to get what is needed to make that possible again
he came back with the part and a sunflower plant
for moi
lots of flowers and plants this month
for moi
lucky moi

it has a few buds to come so hopefully it will survive the heat
and I'll keep it
and we'll have something
purrdy to look at
coz all the other plants are
the  heat and the lack of rain have taken their toll
it's bad out there
sad and bad
and once again I'm so glad I didn't give into the wants
and buy all those plants I wanted in the Spring
it would have been
so there's the sun

here's the bag

I knitted some domino squares

and made a little bag
that I then took close ups of and teased you


then I made this one
I saw something like it on a blog somewhere out there
and just made it up as I went along
it's quite little
only ten blocks but it's so cute!!!

and they are both waiting to have their linings sewn in
I'll show them closer up when they're done

and I have always wanted a blue and white
so I made one of those too
I have a few Scandinavian blogs I visit and always always
swoon over all the blue and white
next house I have
it's all blue and white I tell ya
all blue and white
 with a touch of

the back and front waiting to be sewn together
and then it will sit on the bed in the
and I will have a blue and white pillow
or two or twelve

so now I had better go and give the
sun flower a drink of water
and just enjoy it's big yellow happy face
but just for minute
it's hot out there
and there are
big disgusting jumping ticks out there
they're falling from the trees and landing on me and the hubby
have to check each time we go out
I already had one the other week on the back of my leg
ick yuck and get me outta here
I had tick typhus as a child and always remember the day they found out
we were on the way to a party and I kept fussing with the dress I had on
the neck
and my mother thought I was just being a pain
and when she checked to see if something was wrong she found the tick
I think tick typhus might be something like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
I had a little white spot on my neck for years
another reason for me not to go out

I have sun bags to finish
and then the pillow and then I get to look for something else

and what did you think of those pot holders
from the
way back machine
I posted a link to yesterday
:) :) :)
what a hoot some of them are
so kitch and vintage
just like your granny had!!!!

groovy man