Sunday, July 17, 2011

little bird

I have been trying to get a shot of the cat birds
but they won't stay put or let me near
it was a baby cat bird that the husband encountered the other day
first let me say there was nothing wrong with the baby
nothing awful happened
he was just literally in the way
and the husband had to move him
we think it was a first trip out of the nest
as the babies can't fly
and the parents were right there near by
and still are
proudly showing the mouths full of worms and bugs and all things squirmy and disgusting
 they have collected for the
husband said the mama showed him how clever she is all day yesterday
making sure he saw her and yelling if he didn't
quite the little saga we have going on out there
nature is such a hoot

this is the bush they hide in and scream at me

this is a  bee balm flower about to open up

and this is the tiny flowers on the cat bird bush
 to shoot
it 's that time of the year
nothingness season

this is from the other day
can you see the two little turtles on the piece of wood there in the middle
Tommy and Tallulah
I call them
they sun themselves there everyday
just chillin' and gossiping about  life on the lake

I didn't  see them  until I loaded the photos

Tommy and Tallulah
sitting on the lake
but  not  for  too  long
or they'll surely bake