Friday, July 15, 2011

there's some knitting

rows and rows of it

making little squares

little stacks of hooky work
ideas coming together and hopefully

while the husband has close encounters with nature
he had to move a little cat bird who was in his way
and being a very gentle and kind sort
he talked to it before scooping it up in his hand
he touched the beak and checked its legs
thinking maybe it was hurt
but when he picked it up
he said it let out a
screech that deafened him
it's a small one he said
but it has a
big voice
of course you know what happened next
the parents came swooping in from all sides and he had to put the baby down
"real quick"
and remove himself from the vicinity
when he came and told me the baby had found its way under the steps and the mother was yelling
from the back of the chair
she eventually got it and all is now calm and quiet
out in the wild!!!
you'd think that as much time as they have spent together
the husband and the birds
that they would know he wouldn't hurt it
and they should teach the kids to stay out of the way!!!

got Friday Flowers
and they are so pretty
wish I could grow some like this
it's hard to get the colour right

but all I care is that they match the vase exactly!!!!

and it's that time of the year again
yummy cherries are in and I bought some
and every time I pass by them
I eat one or six!!!!

have a great weekend everybody
thank you for visiting and being out there
where ever you are
I have visited each and every one of you this week
and it was great!!
take care and I'll see ya next time



Anonymous said...

Lovely! I could smell the rose. Cherries are my favourites too. Glad the husband survived his brush with nature! Mia S

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

I hear ya about nature. Always trying to help, but sometimes your just in their way. A kitten came from across the street, begging for help. Pour thing was starving to death. Bearly moving, Martin ran into to house and got some soft cat food (surprised the hell out of me). It drank a few licks of water, but it was too weak to eat. I went outside most of the night, with a citronella light. Watching and hoping.... but it was too late for the little thing. I put it in the grass so mom would come stand guard & say her goodbyes. Kitty passed away a little while after midnight. I quietly weeped myself to sleep knowing it's okay now, even though I didn't know him long, I felt the love inside....

T's Daily Treasures said...

You have been busy. I've been crocheting every day and doing a bit of sewing (even though I don't really sew) ... should be cleaning. :/ Too hot to be outdoors so its pajama days around here every single day, although hubby did make me get out Thursday nite to visit friends and yesterday for lunch. Hope the little birdie is okay. Take care! Have a great weekend. Happy hookin'! Tammy

Valerie said...

Wow these roses & cherries are beautiful AND yummy ! it seems the creative is engine is full speed at your place ! i wonder what you're making with these pretty squares... is it the blankie you started a while ago ? unless it was hexagons ?
I hope the little bird is doing well !
have a lovely Sunday -- it's Fall here & a no make-up no dress-up weekend for me !

Madhu said...

I would love to pay you a visit
and see all those stacks of hooky work....but before that I will first have a chat with the Mr and ask him how the birds are doing! I will surely bring along some more flowers but I doubt they would be as perfect a colour as yours to match that vase!! One thing is for sure though I know I will be treated to more than a dozen of my favourite cherries! Have a lovely Sunday, Marilyn!

Madhu said...

Oh I will surely bring you some of the best raspberry and blackberry preserves :-)

Andi said...

You just blew me away with all your amazing projects! Really beautiful stuff going on there M!