Thursday, July 7, 2011

rules....and moving on

rule number one
eat before you go out
when the husband tells you he has to go and get something but if you don't go along then he isn't going because it's just not worth going all that way just to get what it is he needs and are you sure you don't need
are you sure
don't you need more yarn or something from somewhere else
so just get up and go and don't get mad with yourself when you go to the store to get a couple of things and come away with these
because you went to the store that has all the English food and you get so excited and act like a kid in a candy store and get one of each
I didn't include the Marmite
which stinks the place out and makes the husband inquire how anyone can eat such a concoction on purpose and with free will
it is then I bring up the sauerkraut
and we move on

if I could find some Cadbury Flake
I would be in heaven
heaven I tell you
and some Wall's bangers
what's the step beyond heaven????

:) :) :) :)

then when the husband insists you buy an orchid
because he does every single time he sees one
buy it
with the pot he insists it needs

move on!!!

and stop and pick up three little ivy viney things to put in the pots you bought the last time in this store
because the violets that were in there
yes... you guessed it
they moved on!!!!!!