Saturday, July 16, 2011

African Flower tut.....removed for now and now back up!!!!!

the tut for the pillow is backup

I'm sorry if it looks incomplete or weird
but because you do the same thing row after row after row
all you need to know is the stitches
dc's and fpdc's
if you need to know how to make the flower
ravelry has a pattern
Elizabeth Cat has a pattern
and there is a group on Flickr
or Elizabeth Cat has one on her photo stream
as I said this pillow was made and fawned over a year ago
no one wrote anything down
until I made it and by then we all knew how
but some like to see the instructions
so I did what I did
whoever it was who had a problem with what I did
was able to make a pillow and she did a great job
so the pattern couldn't have been so bad
this is what I have done
use it
make a pillow
and enjoy
with Susannes blessing
thank you FruAlbertsson
it's a very lovely thing you made

it'a at the top of the page!!!!!