Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I keep reading about all the rain and cool weather on the other side of the
big pond
I hear griping and complaining
I read poetic visions of what one can do in the rain
I see fireplaces have been lit
mind boggling
mind blowing
not computing
how can it be so different
while those here broil in the sun
die in the heat
watch as their lives are burnt up
there is sweet sweet rain and coolness
and people are complaining!!!
tut tut
be thankful
even though I know you would like a little sun

there were no circus events today
I saw the PM early this morning
and thought it very school playground like
why do men act like school boys all their lives
yeah Rupert came in the back door
but what about when Tony and Gordon where there
nanny nanny poo poo
then I read that the two had left the UK
that means they are coming back here

why do innocent people step down while the guilty ones get to stay put
hearing that cop #1 left because he didn't want the security for the
Olympic Games to be put into question
made me remember I had some
home work to do
the blanket Queen had requested squares for a blanket
so I made a few and will send them off soon






and blue!!

and look what fell off the hook without my even thinking about it
an African Flower
remember when everyone and their sister were making
African Flowers
I wonder how many millions there are on the planet now
and each and every day there are more made
just go to Flickr and see them all
not ridiculousness

maybe I'll take a steak out to the car for dinner!!!!