Wednesday, July 6, 2011

new word to use.....

last night a giant sand storm covered
Phoenix Arizona
 and several other towns
from this event
 the word of the day
and maybe even month
has taken over the airwaves
this is what a sand storm is called in the
Middle East
 as a couple of my readers know
Tammy?  :) :) :)
I was almost asleep when the husband
yelled at me to turn the
Weather Channel on
to see this awesome sight
I got up to see it on the
BIG screen!!!
and was truly amazed

(taken from the www)
it was 50 miles across and a mile and a half high

this morning it was a toss up between the
and the
"baby killer"
from the "trial of the century" as they called it yesterday

I stuck with the

watching the hot-air heads going over and over the verdict
that they all said would be the opposite of what it is
just got my goat
and there is no justice in this at all
I'm sure most of you won't know what the heck I'm talking about
I unfortunately got caught up in it
 "OJ" like
when I was couch bound the other week
a young mother accused of murdering her baby girl
 was found not guilty
we all know she is
but it doesn't matter what we think
it's the jury who decides and that decision stands forever

 because the court system works the way it does
the jury did what they were told to do
the reasonable doubt was too strong for them not to find the way they did
the prosecution did a lousy job of proving their case
 and she walks
sickening and sad and unjust
for the baby who is no more
one of the lawyers on one of the many networks said
minutes after the verdict
 that Casey could go and stand on the steps of the courthouse
and confess to having committed the murder
and nothing could be done
no one could charge her with anything now
that's how it works
for all and everyone
a murderer can get away with it
and there is nothing anyone can do
it's what we call justice
and somehow it works
and somehow it doesn't
when it turns out the way you think it shouldn't
whatever happened let's hope
Karma comes into play
and someone, somewhere, sometime
pays for it

I am trying to find ways to use up some of the stash
I have too many ideas and not enough hands
it's grey and rainy and miserable
but it's hot hot hot
and it feels weird
the light is strange and it feels like fall
from the inside that is
outside it feels like
hope you have a day free of
any other nastiness!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,
I was just like you glued to the tv for the last six weeks. Couldn't believe it when they said not guilty. I am so disappointed in our justice system. Unreal. Is there no justice for Caylee. Sadly is Casey will most likely be a free woman tomorrow, and one day will most likely have more children. What a shame!!! I am just heartbroken for this small little girl who should be here today!~ cathy

Mrs Twins said...

Oh I wish we had something to watch like this. I haven't had the TV on for weeks. Mr. Twins and myself listen to the radio now more than watch tV! Nothing on at all.
Hugs Suex

Baban Cat said...

I'm afraid we have our own share of nastiness. Earlier this year a young girl who went to my daughter's school was murdered in woodland less than a mile away. The trail is on now. The evidence is sickening as two boys (underage and so can't be named) blame each other. They went home and celebrated with a glass of wine (allegedly)
Life sucks sometimes.

Plus I'll say nothing about News International. I don't want my phone hacked!!

Anonymous said...

and I wonder how many innocent people are convicted. Mia S

Anonymous said...

P.S. Thanks for the new word. I am going to try to stop complaining about the weather! M.S.

madhu said...

So I heard about some trial that had everyone transfixed to the news and was meaning to google it but now having read about how upsetting the verdict was I shall not bother as I would get really, really angry..especially when it involves sweet innocent victims.

Valerie said...

too many ideas and not enough hands is something very familiar to me ;)

didn't heard too much of that trial... only a line of my internet news reader that i didn't care to dig because there are too many ugly things in the world and i prefered wathicng several videos of that huge haboob. i had a little advneture just out of the airport in Phoenix and i smiled recalling that one ...
dear M, I don't know if you read my flickr comment or got my email, but i was worried (not to hear from you) and i have a small equest in order to send you something...

hugs xx