Monday, July 25, 2011

those so called experts

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just wrote this coz I felt like it)

who showed up in great numbers on Friday
were all wrong
when I heard of the explosion in Oslo
my first question to the Mister was how do they know it isn't a gas leak
I don't listen to what they say and believe anymore
they are usually so wrong it's embarrassing
I tried to remember what has happened recently and couldn't think of anything that had to do with
I know they are in Afghanistan and they have planes in the Nato action in Libya
but so do many others
one doesn't think of scary dark dangerous things and Norway
then the terrorist angle started playing
a cell that must have been formed in Norway
but which one
there are so many to choose from according to the experts
Al- they pronounce it
wasn't so organised anymore but they do have splinter groups everywhere

female anchors on CNN drooling over the expert
telling him
whenever there is an attack I always come to you for the facts
you know so much

watched CNN MSNBC
Aljazeerah RT France24 CBS
BBC on line
all of them said it was Muslims
actually they said Islamists
all of them
then a report came in that a man had been seen
and shock of shocks
he was tall white and blond
white and blond
that stopped them for a
well, if he's white he must be one of those who have left their native places to go to a desert somewhere hot and dangerous to be trained in camps in all manner of nasty things and then come back home to spread terror amongst his own
that's it
he's one of those
he's homegrown but trained overseas
and then they remind us of all those names we've heard so many times
and when it was said that the man was
well goodness us isn't that a kick in the pants
not a desert trained rat at all
well then
he must belong to this side
or that side
or the other
and you always know
the other are the worst ones

this was an act of sheer evil
perpetrated by a man who is wicked
in my opinion
a racist to the inth degree
one of many world wide
nothing new these days just a plain ordinary
with a twist
as I read what they are printing of his 1,500 page ramble
 he has planned this for years
I have tried to read it but my blood runs cold and I get sick

he killed children in cold blood
he knew that wearing a uniform would give them a sense of security
he knew that
he knew what he was doing
he isn't insane
incapable of making a descision
he thought out each and every step and then acted on them
one by one by one
he knew what he was doing
and he did it

and he is white
he has blue eyes
he is blond
he is one of us
if we are white
he is white
if we aren't
he didn't go anywhere to learn to do this
he did it on his own ground
he did it to his own blood
he did it to the children
he is a killer
a murderer
he is a terrorist
he is as evil as a human being can get
and he is white
and he has blue eyes
and he has blonde hair
and he is a

so now do we say
"well not all Christians are terrorists
but all terrorists seem to be Christians"

it is an awful shock when the bad guy turns out to be one of your own
when he looks just like you
when he grew up breathing the same air you did
he knows the same things you do
and he does this
 to you
to people you know
to the children

the more global we become
the more
tribal we become
humans have always lived in tribes
that's how we started out
and it's how we're ending up
as we mix and move around this globe
the more some think we should all just stay home
wonder if we did that
how long it would take
end up
 with a tribe of

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