Saturday, July 23, 2011

it's hot

it is 99 degrees F outside
it feels like
133 degrees F
they say it will go to 103 F
what will it feel like then
all I did was walk to the mail box
I will not be going back there for a while
I do not like the heat
 don't know how the people who have to be out there do it
it's too darn hot

when I was quite a small girl
we went on a trip somewhere
and we stopped off in
Wadi Halfa
which is in the Sudan


(from Bing)
my sister says this might be the hotel we stayed in!!!

I think we were on our way to catch a boat for a trip somewhere else
I remember like it was yesterday
(the heat, not the trip
we were quite the travellers then and I don't remember them all!!!)
driving through the sand
 seeing the ships in the canal
looking like they were floating in the desert

and it being hot
so hot I remember it!!!
the hotel we spent the night in had a fan
in the foyer that turned very very slowly
and I remember wondering why it turned so slowly
what good did it do
my mother insisted we take a bath
a cold bath to wash the dust and the trip off us before we went to bed
the cold water
was hot
very hot
and the sheets
were too
needless to say
no one got much sleep that night
and me being me
I probably cried the whole time
my sister also remembers going to Mombasa
which is on the coast of East Africa
and we went there on vacations
and it also being hot
and she would tease me at night by telling me that the lizards
that crawl all over the walls
and ceilings

were known to have heart attacks
and fall
onto little girls who were asleep
with their mouths open
she always scared the holy crap out of me just before sleep
aren't big sisters just the best


the birds are panting and the squirrels are lying spread eagle on the grass in the shade
husband just came in from changing the water dishes
and told me this
it's too darn hot

I''ll go now
it's time for a cup of tea

mad men can live anywhere
in any country
they do the most horrendous things
and no one is immune from the madness
sad but true
and it isn't always who we think it is
it isn't always the scary dark man in the shadows
sometimes it's one of our own
and that is what shocks us most
my heart breaks for the families of the lost
and I hope the survivours find peace