Tuesday, July 19, 2011

collective abkneesia...

that is what the members of
Noozz Corps
the inability to remember
anything of any significance

as the members of the panel said

in my humble opinion

how can these people sit there
and swear to tell the truth
and then lie in the next breath
feign shock and disgust at what has gone on
when they are the ones who
sent out
let loose
the army of scum
they paid for it they got it and now we are supposed to believe they are
humbled and sorry
 they don't remember nuttin'
that they didn't do it
someone else did

 yes, I sat and watched the circus
as it made its way across town
clowns to the left of me
clowns to the right
not knowing all the intricacies of the case
because it has only just hit here and I've tried to read up on it but it's too much to stomach

while I watched and talked back to the
idiot box
(I know who's the idiot!!??)
I worked some more on my little piles of things
I'm trying
very very
hard to finish and not start another thing
every time I go to Flickr or Ravelry
I see something else
or someone on a blog somewhere has done something wonderful
it's so hard to be good

and hopefully soon I'll show you what I did
 it isn't  anything marvellous or awesome
believe me!!!
I just like taking real tight shots of it

what did you do today??

the heat is building and it's going to be horrible
for the rest of the week and into next weekend
I spoke to my friend in the mid west and she said it's been surreal
and they have had the flooding to cope with too
the Missouri River is still very high and there are snakes coming down in the wash
snakes that don't belong and no one knows what's going to happen
where the river was once a few feet deep
it 's now up to 60ft deep
and we saw on the news, last night, the drought in Texas
they don't have rivers or lakes anymore
just cracked earth and there was another
ha boob in Arizona
peoples swimming pools turned to mud pools

boy what a downer I am today
it's Rupert's fault


I just hope the power hangs on
coz not having a/c will kill us all
how did they survive in the
old days




Baban Cat said...

I spent today in front of BBC 24 listening to the Parliamentary Committee. Got a lot of crochet done in between outbursts. Can't tell you anything else becasue as James M said, 'That is not within my knowldege.' And would you believe I left the room and missed the custard pie incident!!

Valerie said...

sorry i don't watch much tv and i'm not sure i got what makes you a little crossed...
yes things are weird, my feet are cold and i will have to have socks on this night, and this evening we had a logfire in the fireplace, along with 74% of humidity in the house... worse if i open the windows... nothing but clouds & rain for days and weeks...
i'm quite puzzled at what this can be ?!!!!
hugs xx

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

No crocheting today... too much else had to be done, but I did get a faBuLouS surprise! I sold my 1st item on Etsy! I've been on cloud 9 ever since :')

Valeria said...

:) dont know what you are talking about haha but im sure you are right .

its been raining here for the last few days and im so bored of the rain ,i was hoping for some real summer but next week will maby be better ,but im going fishing tomm with the hole family ,hope the rain stays away .
Take care sweet thing

T's Daily Treasures said...

You know, I don't think they had the heat back then that we do now. I know that my husband said it wasn't this hot in Kuwait when he was growing up, and there was always a winter. We haven't had a cold winter in the past couple of years.

Yes, the whole Murdoch case is a crock. You can't tell me that no one knew any of the tactics that were being used all this time. And now someone is dead but it wasn't foul play ???) - at least that's the last I heard. I didn't watch any of it, just heard a bit about it while watching The Today Show.

I saw on there too how in India, a family of 5 was having a picnic and there was a flash flood that swept them away. Someone in the area videotaped what happened. They were all clinging to each other and then hit a rock that separated them as they all went over the waterfall. It reminded me of all the waterfalls we saw in Nepal and how treacherous some of them were. They had found 3 bodies, but not the other two when it was reported. Just awful! And I saw how the riverbed in Texas was full at one point and now down to nothing. Crazy!

Whatever you are crocheting looks great. You never cease to amaze me. I went round and round with a pattern last nite for a heart dishcloth and couldn't get anything to line up. I finally just finished it up the best I could -- spent hours trying to figure it out. Only 8 rows and I drove myself bonkers. I must really not know how to crochet. :/

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

Allyson said...

Love the bobbles on your knitting!

Baban Cat said...

Luck old US!! You get the company of a couple of Murkdocks and a custard pie blocking Wendi. Our gain is your lose I'm sorry to say.
Doddery? Yes. Evil? Yes. Fit for purpose? NO!