Monday, July 25, 2011

mail call... a mystery...and just call me Agatha

while trying to do the part that is supposed to be easy
the putting it together bit
and its taking more time than it may be worth
the mail came

inside the mail box I found

in red and green

it flew here!!

to me
that is indeed moi
it took one second flat to rip open the package and take a look

and inside I found  good old English tea and
dancing penguins!!!
 a lovely tea towel
 which will not be used as such
so hands off anyone who thinks otherwise....
I love tea towels
I really do
especially nice ones!!!
blue and white ones
 ones that come in the mail unannounced and unexpectedly
and bring with them dancing 'quins and
and surprises

the White Cliffs of Dover
the symbol for
the song that got them through the
bad times
sung by

a place I saw once and never forgot
when the sister and I went camping in a van that belonged to the lady who owned the house we rented
weird memories.....weird lady .... and her housekeeper.....

now the name on the package was one name I know

but inside was another name I know

hmmmm what is going on here

and a photo of my second favourite little girl bunnie
that's Sophie
Mia's little creation
(JOE"S auntie)
what was she doing in a package from the sender
I scratched my head
hm mmmmm

more proof of bunnie antics
a carrot from
little bunnie fu fu
with love
the heart shape says
it all

fu fu was very surprised
very very
lots and lots
 to have such a treasure from her bun
and she noticed a resemblance to Sophie
could they be long lost cousins
twice or thrice removed
as well

I will have to delve into this mystery of who sent what to whom
 and how it got here
unannounced and unexpectedly
and if indeed it is meant for me at all

maybe the dancing penguins can tell me when they take a break from all that dancing
and explain how it came
from one person

and another

now where's my Sherlock hat???

♥  ♥   ♥