Monday, July 18, 2011

flying in from everywhere....

 I have had many many visitors over this weekend who have come to get the
what I call
Susanne's pillow
as lousy as the pattern  apparently is
it's very popular right now
funny how things go round in circles
its almost exactly a year since Sue put it up on Flickr
 and we all fell in love with it

Tammy tried it
but she seems to have frogged it

I'm having trouble leaving comments so I will talk here!!!

Tammy do you want me to do a step by step for you
I will  absolutely be happy to if you want me to
and then I will have another pillow of my own
I can hook and snap as I go
let me know and I'll do it quick
so you can do it while you are in pajama mode!!!!


speaking of snapping and hooking
I nearly had a heart attack this pm
I thought there was something wrong with
my camera
(deep breath...lotus position...breath out....slowly...don't panic)

the "screen" kept flickering and showing me what mode it was set to
 and then it wouldn't focus

so I took all these

just to test it

it's late afternoon so the light in the
is lousy
seems to be
I hope
please blue
don't leave me
I'd miss you too much
and who would show what I see

all the nothing wouldn't have an eye

I'm working on my little piles of things
slowly slowly things are appearing
still have a ways to go
as they say
who ever
they are
been reading the "papers" too
watching as the lot at the top fall one by one
top cops
top executives
wonder if it will hit over here
it should coz we all know it's going on
the faux nooz hasn't said word one about the big stink
they must be wetting their pants hoping no one comes to check
and the others aren't any better for heavens sake
it's gone on for ever and will continue to go on forever
it isn't right or just or fair
it just is
it's how the world works unfortuneatly
the focus is never where it should be
they saturate the air with nonsense and smut
and wonder why the population is dumb
in more ways than one

I'm going back to things of the hooky kind

it's almost time to decide what to feed the mouths
and one of the mouths is talking at me
she says it's time to get off the machine that knows all
and feed the machine that is never satisfied
ok ok I'm coming

see ya all tomorrow


OH and someone had to win the
womens soccer match
who better than the Japanese women
they deserved it
and they needed it
I was so happy!!!