Tuesday, July 12, 2011


there are those of you
who will never understand this kind of chaotic mess piling up on a desk
then there are those of you
who do
ideas flying in and out of the head
having to be made or tried or figured
at the very second they hit
you see something and you have to make it
you remember something you saw and you have to try it
someone says something
you spot something in the background of a picture or on TV
it's a never ending mess
 always trying finding hoping

the pile

an idea

a stash buster

the forgotten, found

never ending always forming
 in the head and the hands
too many ideas
not enough hands
a maze of confusion

lots to work with
and truth be known
more on the coffee table
those are near completion

I have been a very bad blogger as of late
I know that
but I'm always here
on this side of the monitor
so if you need me
just drop a line and I'll answer!!!!
thank you all for the comments of late
you've all been very sweet and I appreciate you all
if I'm not here
I'm over at Flickr
or Ravelry
or in the kitchen or on the couch
or behind the vacuum
or getting cat food
I'm not outside much because it's so hot and humid it makes me
very very cranky
we don't need a cranky me
believe me
we don't