Tuesday, August 2, 2011

how to line a bag on a wing and a prayer...

I am not a sewer
(one that sews)
I do not pretend to be

I can make things with a needle
and even easy things on the machine
I haven't for years
but I suppose if I put my mind to it I could still make a
skirt or blouse or even a pair of pants
but I don't sew much anymore

the other day when I posted the photos of the two little bags I made


one of my Flickr friends asked me to show how I line them
she said she always manages to make hers a 1/4" too short
I tend to make mine a tad too big
so let's see if I can find a happy medium
and make one that fits
I took photos as I went along and they are very good
coz there is no light
I won't even mention why

so let's see what a mess we can make
lining a couple of little bags

this one's for you


I usually just flatten the bag out

lay it on the fabric

and cut a half an inch from the edge

see real professional

for the square one

which I had already started to make when I posted
I did the same thing

flatten the bag
cut around the outside 1/2"
sew and fold the top down where needed

only because it's square-ish
I made the bottom flat by sewing in 1.5" on the side seams

see, now it has a flat bottom

oh don't we all wish!!

the knitted bag has 1/2" seams on the sides

and then I laid the lining on the bag
and measured how much to fold the top down

sewed around it

and put it inside the bag
it fit so I pinned it
I decided not to carry the lining all the way up on the sides
as that would have entailed too much cutting and folding and fiddly bits so the lining is straight across the top

the hooked one was just a straight shot all around
it's a tiny bit on the big side
as always
but it fits well enough
then I sew it along the edge using the line of the stitches
a little lined bag

I'm now almost finished on something else

just a couple  of tails left to
weave in
and it's done

see this is completely useless for anyone who doesn't know how to line a bag
I know Dutzie does because she did a fantastic professional job on a bag she just made

so this was just coz I said I would

I have a touch of
cabin fever and have not been  a
cheerful charlie of late
so I'm being quiet

I have had it with



expletive deleteds

I know some of you haven't had a lot of sun or even warmth
I envy you
 I would take a wet cold summer over what we have any day
it's so sad to see the flowers and plants just wither away
after such a lovely Spring
the big trees are dropping their leaves
 all the bushes are wilting and it's useless to water because it puts them into stress
the animals are suffering too
panting birds and stressed out squirrels isn't nice to see either
poor little things
even the geese stay in the water all day long
it's too darn hot
on land