Friday, August 5, 2011

friday friends....

with your indulgence
 I am going to spend Fridays
sending you to visit some of my
blog buddies
Flickr friends
favourite places
(if you don't want people coming over to your blog or photo stream
 just let me know  and I won't send them!!!)

I am going to start with

some of you already know her

which is on hold at the moment
but still there for you to browse through

the reason I start with
and I can't think of a happier sweeter place to start!!!
is that her blog was the first I started reading when I found these things called
I had never seen so much colour put together in such a wonderful way

 moi of the beige
of the white and blue
of the plain and simple

saw all this colour the way it should be put together
I fell in love
 I hovered   I marvelled
 I wondered if I could ever....
I lurked
 a lot
as they call it when you visit but don't comment
then I bumped into her photos on Flickr
and got a bit bolder about commenting
over this past summer
I have been following and watching as
has been posting photos of the lake she lives near!
and recording the lives of the swans and ducks that live there
and other things
some of it has been literally
great big sobs and huge hot tears
as life and death played out in front of us
(mama swan)

I've been more upset for her than I have for the poor little creatures
who were here for such a short time
because I know how much it hurts to have these encounters with those we share this planet with
even little tiny chicks barely big enough to see
but once they are in your heart
it's so very hard when they die
and Kim has had her share of heartbreak this summer
so deep and so raw
 has been her sadness
it's hard to leave the photos and just ignore that side of life
so I left a few notes of understanding and support
 and she responded in her sweet way
with love and kindness and friendship
Kim doesn't hook or knit or sew
that I know of!!!!!
she has many many
other talents
and will be pursuing them soon
and I hope the
one she calls
"little one"
will be the way through to the things she wants and hopes for
and deserves
(on a wing and a prayer)

she has opened a new site

where she has her beautiful photos of all these little cuties
and no it isn't sad or morose
it's a wonderful peaceful beautiful collection of all the things that Kim sees around her
and shares
her flowers
her dogs
who are worth the visit just to see them
sweet Maggie May
in all her glory at home

there are so many more beautiful ones of her
but this just gets me!!!

 and once in a while
her cute self
she is a really really sweet lady
kind generous and full of love for all and everything
so please go and visit her at all her sites
and I know you will enjoy her beautiful photos
her two adorable dogs
Maggie and Marley
and get to know Kim
 through her eyes and her words
it's a very pretty sight!!!!

so...there we go...
please let me know if you think this is a good idea
sometimes there is nothing to write about and nothing to show

no one wants to see dead grass, scummy lakes or hostile squirrels

so I thought we may as well go on a little walk-about
without ever having to leave the comfort of our lap tops
desk tops or wherever it is we view the
you never know you may have a friend waiting out there
or whatever that cheesy saying says  :}

and for those of you without blogs
we have

:) :) :)

p s I have Kim's OK to use any photo I want....!!!!