Wednesday, August 24, 2011

all shook up...

sorry couldn't help it!!!!

well it's the day after and people are still talking about it
and trying hard to figure it all out.
the "experts" are having a tough time explaining the how's and whys and wherefores
and I am one of those annoying people who want
...nay, NEED to know the why
and the wherefore

while there is damage in some areas and of course where it happened there is the most
it still is strange how little damage there is
bricks have come off the front of buildings and fallen on cars
the top of the Washington Cathedral cracked and fell on the lawn
an "angel" and a few carved stones
they have found some cracks in the Monument
the Washington Monument
that symbol to all those supposedly powerful men up there
has cracks way up at the top
that speaks volumes
:) :) :) :)
but there is no big damage
and it's mind boggling
I do not want anyone to have any damage because it's so damn annoying to get things fixed and sorted
and we all know that no one has earthquake insurance here
earth shakers here

at 8.04 pm we felt the third after shock
the first two were too small for us to feel up here
all the things on the tables shook for a few seconds
but those at the epicentre felt it much more
of course

I tried to call my son who lives closer to where it happened and the networks were down
while I was trying to find his number on the land line
(because who even knows numbers anymore now that we push buttons for everything)
he called us
all was fine except the
wt...heck is going on reaction
he said he was doing laundry and thought the washing machine was falling apart
so he switched it off but the sound kept going
and he looked at his cat
and he said
her eyes were bigger than her body
and all her hair was up
but the dogs
they didn't react at all
all his neighbours were out when he went out
and for some reason
and they said this on the news too
everyone was looking

earth shakers here
when the husband and I were outside the neighbour behind us for some reason yelled
that was an earthquake
and the kid two doors down yelled back
yeah....that was soooo cooooolllll
hubs was not amused
oh to be a kid again!!!

I cannot tell you how touched I am by the concern some of you showed when you heard about it
e mails from all over the place
it really is such a small world now that we are all connected
and each time something happens somewhere
we seem to "know" someone and it makes it worse somehow
because if someone you know has troubles
they become yours
but all is fine and dandy this morning
the damage will be repaired
the little town where it happened is organising itself and going to the local
grocery store to help pick up all the stuff that fell
people will come together were necessary and help eachother
because we are all we have
we don't need those boys with their big monuments to themselves
to get by
and now we need to make sure we have the things we need incase the hurricane comes this way
if it does
 the buildings that are damaged may not survive the winds and rain
I guess it's our turn this time
so we better be as prepared as possible
and just keep our fingers crossed

can you knit with crossed fingers?

see ya all later

:) :) :) :)