Friday, August 12, 2011

Farewell my friend...

you are already missed by so many
we went today to say goodbye
and it wasn't right
it wasn't you

It should have had Kentucky Blue Grass playing
there should have been cloggers
we should all have been dressed in bright happy colours
I tried Pat....I tried
we should have worn all our gypsy bangles and Egyptian beads
as much as I hate it
should have been blowing in the air
taking you up up and away
into the bright beautiful sky that suddenly appeared
the weather was perfect

I knew it would be the way it always is

so I came home
and I did what I could to make it the way you would want it
I put up the Tibetan Prayer Flags

and the wind caught them as I wished you peace and love
I took incense too and the smoke followed the clouds


there should be  Cherokee Indian chants and dancing
A medicine man saying the right words for you to go
there should be hill billy music too
and good food to eat

but there is only me
to say
good bye
and I will
but know I'll always think of you on a beautiful day
 or when the season's change
I see that first leaf that changed before all the others
the first snow flake
the rain on the ground
the smell of the rain on the ground
the beauty in the weeds along the roadside
all the things we shared

bye old friend
thanks for coming by my way

lord willin' and the creek don' rise
I'll see you ......