Wednesday, August 31, 2011

watcha doin' wednesday?!!!

I am still looking
with chin on table
at the photos and videos of the destruction
caused by that
now to add insult to injury
I got an e-mail from a friend
whose husband is a linesman
(he works on the power lines)
who has come up to the area to help get the power back on
and he and his co-workers are running into trouble with the locals
and having to stay in flea bag motels and pay the tolls on the way up
and now the men are
not sending them out on jobs or being very co-operative
the unions are stopping the jobs from being shared or given out
and the power isn't being turned on
I don't know what state he is in
or I would say
so if you were there you'd know
and maybe do something about it
what a way to treat people who have come to help
the power companies here are the pits
not ours...ours is the best ever
but the big ones further north
always down always making excuses and always late
it's a shame and a disgrace

I had all those plans to make doilies while the wind roared
but it didn't turn out that way
something was off and I coudn't do it
one of them was tiny and completely useless so
it got frogged
and the other one I showed you
maybe had a mistake in the pattern because no matter how many times I tried a certain row
it was off
 so I
frogged it
and turned to this  new block that  I showed  the link to
much easier

and I found some extra balls of white cotton
so I whipped up a new table mat
like one I made a while ago and sent to someone
which I had forgotten about
 and searched hi and lo for
isn't it nice to be able to just make something you want
and not have to wait to go out to buy it
or order it online and wait
I think it is!!!

and this is to say that I got a note from someone today asking me to stop identifying them or saying how they are made
as this person wants to sell a pattern for them
I don't understand this
 as this is a stitch
that has existed for a long time and no one knows the first maker of it
and if you make it in a certain way
you get a
we all know this
we all can make this
and if you string them all together
all sorts of things can be made with them
so why should I not say what they are

it's still a matter of who owns what I guess and I don't want to get into a mess over it
so the fact that my description was removed
is all that I'll say about it
but I can show you them and tell you what they are
on my blog
if I want to
and if you want to know what they are and know how to make them
ask me
and I'll tell you and show you
for free.

don't you find this pattern interesting and think it would make a great pillow or blanket or hat
:) :) :)

I do and I bought it because I saw the pattern in yarn
wonder how one would go about figuring it out
neat huh!!!???

I cleaned the kitchen yesterday and sorted things out and washed them all
some by hand and some in the
dishwasher...I changed the table cloth and djzzujjed up the planter
found the fake berries and stuck them in there

sister how do you spell it?

while I was browsing through
and yes wasting time because I didn't want to put the big mess I had made back
and I was waiting for the dryer to finish and the dishwasher
you know the feeling
I came across a beautiful turquoise lamp base that has been
drawn on so I just happened to have my sharpie's handy because the husband needed one the other day
and grabbed a jar
and doodled
I didn't know you could draw on glass with
did you 
well now we do
so if you have a sharpie and an old jar hanging around
give it a try
it's really neat
all the same