Thursday, August 25, 2011

battening down the hatches

not that we have any!!!

seems Miss Irene is on her way and will come closer than they thought
we are in the lime green area right under the D of DC in VA!!!!!!!!

this is one bigass storm
over 500 miles across
250 miles from  the centre,on each side
(we are 200 miles from the coast....close but no cigar,I hope!!!)

big enough to get them to send the ships out to sea so they don't get damaged or damage the harbours
and as the silly woman on CNN said this morning
they can turn right around and save us all
that's the National Guard that does that
and they stay put
with us

the dominican republic

Hatteras Beach
has been evacuated along with all of the outer banks in
North Carolina
they will be hard hit if it makes landfall there
the whole coast will feel it
they just don't know how far inland it will go
so we don't know what to expect
time  will tell

(photos from CBS)

I got a call from a friend in Texas yesterday
she asked if we were OK with the Earthquake
and the person who she was with said she head it was because of
the founding fathers turning over in their graves
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)
best one yet!!!!

I got this in the mail from my friend
the one who wears baskets on her head !!!
she sent this as a farewell to my friend who died

an Indian wave all the way from
with a Cherokee

Wakan Tankan Nici Un
May the Great Spirit
Walk Wth You

and I talked to her on the phone too and told her how wonderful it was she found it and sent it
pat would have loved it

my basket wearing friend has had her own share of scary things
they had one of those huge storms with high high winds and enormous amounts of rain last week
her house was damaged badly
not beyond repair thank goodness
but badly enough to get the insurance involved and a contractor out to see the damage
it's all going to be OK because she has the cheque and the work is lined up to start soon
she said how very fagile we  all  are
how close to disaster we all seem to be
a rain storm can take everything you have away in a blink
but this time it didn't
and she's OK and will have it all done before winter sets in
and we had an earthquake that rattled us and the buildings
but we are OK
the buildings can be fixed
so now
let's hope that this next event
is just
a passing breeze
for all of us

no one has died so far
that's all that counts
may it stay that way

and I'll be on the couch with my teeny tiny hook and some thin cotton trying to remember how to
make a doily
coz I want some doilies lots of them
so I better practice

and maybe I'll get the pillow top finished too
have the back to join together which won't take long

so now it's time for tea and for me to get off here
you aren't going to believe it
we are under a
severe thunderstorm warning
until late tonight
and I need to shut the 'puter down
so it doesn't fry

and the hubs felt an aftershock last night
it was a 4.5