Friday, August 26, 2011

all's well

I thought I would just post this so you all know we are fine
I got an invitation to evacuate to Louisiana this morning should we need to
Ellen, of Wildaboutcolor, offered us a place to go if we need to run.
That's how sweet people are, blog buddies and flickr friends are the best
and she even said kitty could go too
now that's a friend!!!

thank you sweet lady!!!

We are not in the path of the storm.
We will not have hurricane force winds over us.
We will be on the edge of the storm winds
or in the medium impact area.
We are in the tropical storm warning not the hurricane warning
big difference
We will get probably the same sort of thing we get in a regular storm
like the one we had last night
So please don't worry about us
keep the light up for those on the coast and on the waterways
they will be in the fury and if they haven't left already
they really really should
and to those of you in the areas that will be hit
stay safe

so now to Canada
where apparently they had a show of force there too
very unusual for them to "write home" about it!!!!!
please do go to the link and see the fantastic light show they had
my sister was north of the city and drove back while it was happening
my fav is the lightning hitting the lake

now you know
so please don't worry
thank you for all the good thoughts
and as Ruth (the butterfly bush) said
we'll tuck our socks in our knickers and we'll be just fine!!!!!

it isn't due until tomorrow so I'll spend today cleaning
doing laundry
collecting water in all the pots
making boiled eggs
and peanut butter sammiches (not really)
so if the wind should
scatter our belongings abroad
our knickers will be clean and our socks too
we'll have water to wash in
and something to eat

mmm  eggs