Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a post...

I've been sat here in my chairs

(found these on Flickr
can't remember where but you've seen them before I'm sure!!) 

  wearing my sexy sandals
:) :) :) :) :)


working on some stuff

I was browsing somewhere and saw a blanket made with lots and lots and lots of flowers
and people were asking how to make the
lots and lots and lots of

and no one replied
so I took it upon myself
to make some
popcorn stitch Flowers
plain and simple
it was made in all different colours all sewn up together to make a
blanket for a baby boy that they had just had...
it's so annoying when no one answers
they are now no more just had to make some to see if I was right
I was


saw this new book by Brett Bara  who is on a show I watch on PBS
it's a sewing book and has a video that shows
how to make
these cute little fabric bowls
from a square of fabric
so I made one

need more cute fabric to make the others

and this is another thing that seems to be popping up again
the box stitch is back
and I wondered if I remembered how to do it
I do!!
with all the yarn I have
maybe a skinny scarf is in the making!!!

or a cushion top if I can't remember how to keep it from expanding

and the flat braid join with those
 closed granny squares as I call them

see the braid up the middle there

and making the fan in between the flowers on the pillow front
remember that too

 have you stopped to think how much we have all learned this past year
or how ever long it's been
since we all met up on Flickr and the blogs and are now spread all over the

well back to the pile o'wips
and it's almost time to make dinner too
oh goody
I'm hungry, haven't eaten all day
too busy making
piles o'wips