Wednesday, August 3, 2011

don't understand

but it's just me
I'm popping in because I want to thank those who think what I did yesterday
is good
You have no idea how many photos I took trying to make sense of what I was doing

I saw a tut for this very thing ages ago
but of course I lost it and can't remember where I saw it
and it was so well done
clear and precise and well written

just like I'd do it
if I could
:) :) :) :) :)

am in a much better mood today
it's dark outside
it's dark inside
it looks cool
coz it's dark
and the reason for the darkness
R -A- I- N- I -N- G
there is wetness outside
the sound of dripping
when I went to the mail box
I got raindrops falling on my head
I smiled
it's very very humid
so it will continue to rain all evening
all evening they said
 and it's not as hot but it's still hot

I have a tub full o'yarn
in many bright happy colours
that I seem to have collected over time
they are all the same type so there is no
problem using them

I bought myself one of those hooks that are showing up all over
it was a bit expensive
for a hook of no specialness that I  could see
and I didn't have my
40% off coupon with me so it was
full price
but that's OK
it didn't break the bank!!!!!

then I used it
and I pronounce it
(what on earth is wrong with that photo????????????????
how weird
Oh Blogger)

so I took my new hook
and I

started hooking

I shall hook some more
with my new hook
until I have something
bright and beautiful

hope it's raining where it should be raining
and shining where it should be shining

in the
Atlantic Ocean
which is to the
East of us
is a developing storm

with the name of


my favourite name for a girl

if I had had a daughter
she would be an

I didn't have a girl
I had two
who refuse to answer to that name
and the cat was already named when we got her
not that she answers to anything
but the call of the bowl

so all I have to say
to the storm in the Atlantic Ocean